Alternative Bachelorette Destinations Beyond Las Vegas

Many brides are now traveling to vegas for their wedding celebrations. But if you’re not into city lights, theme resorts, and gambling, there are plenty of options for your bachelorette festivities. You don’t have to just do tequila shots, you can indulge in a spa day, or if you’re more of an outdoors kind of girl, you can go to a national park to take those perfect scenic photos.

New Orleans

There’s no denying it, New Orleans is one of the most vibrant, eccentric, friendliest city in the world. You and your party can drink hurricanes in the French Quarter and have po’boys, crawfish, and beignets late into the night. There are tons of ghost tours, swamp adventures, and live music is a constant, guaranteeing a good time. And the best part is the architecture, meaning you will be able to have that great photoshoot.

Sea Island Georgia

Sea Island Georgia is a beautiful destination that feels like you’re in the Bahamas, except you’re not overloaded with tourists. In fact, there are only two resorts. There are tons of activities like golf, tennis, horseback riding, fishing, and more. We suggest you plan for late spring and summer as June is the start of the hurricane season.

Grand Canyon Arizona

For the outdoorsy gal, the Grand Canyon offers breathtaking views and tons of opportunity to get fresh air. Horseback riding, hiking, burro riding, rafting, and beautiful scenery. Take the most beautiful breathtaking photos along the canyon. You can even schedule your wedding up to a year in advance. Click here to check out the National Park Service website to learn more. Tip: Arizona has tons of arts districts where you can find beauty on canvas and the streets. Check out live music, dramas, and ballets, and take in the beautiful sculptures, murals, and paintings surrounding Arizona.

Savannah Georgia

Haunted houses, cobblestone streets, Spanish moss, southern charm, horse-pulled carriages, and takeaway drinks will make you never want to leave Savannah, Georgia. It’s the perfect mix of old-America mixed with the modern world for everyone in your wedding party. Make sure you bring your appetite as Georgia is the destination for great southern food.

Napa Valley California

There is a reason Napa Valley is one of the most popular destinations to host wedding festivities. California’s Napa Valley is a beautiful dream destination for many couples for its picturesque view. You can barrel your own wine, stomp grapes, dine by rail, take yoga classes, and take beautiful pre-wedding photos at Napa Valley. Tip: There are only a few places that allow weddings in Napa Valley, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great pre-wedding bash there.

Florida Keys

The Florida Keys is the perfect destination for the beach nut. With 42-bridges that provide scenic views, you can’t go wrong with this 125-mile island chain. Life moves at its own pace in this slice of paradise. This string of tropical islands offers fishing, boating, snorkeling, and even scuba diving. For nightlife check out the many famous bars along Duval Street.