How To Save Money On Your Wedding

Plan your wedding for the “off season.”
Wedding season is typically from late spring to mid-fall. Weddings tend to peak around June and September. You can save thousands of having your wedding in December, and you won’t have to compete with others for that perfect date. Saturday is also one of the most popular days of the week for a wedding, and statistics also show, it’s the most expensive day for a wedding. Try calling the venue of your choice and see if they have any dates they just can’t seem to fill up and if they’d offer a discount for you to take said date. Tip: If you live in a state that is prone to winter weather emergencies, make sure you plan in case of a winter storm.

Buy in-season flowers and food.
Getting seasonal and local flowers and food can save you money. That’s because when you purchase what’s in season, you get said items at the peak of their availability, meaning most distributors offer them at lower prices.

Hire an event coordinator or wedding planner
It may seem like your throwing money in the wind by hiring someone who can do all the research and planning for you. But know that wedding planners and event coordinators not only know industry secrets to staying in budget, but they also have connections to vendors who may be able to offer you special one-time-only discounts.

Put a limit on your plus-ones
Your guest list can get out of control when you allow every guest to bring a plus-one. You can limit your guest list by only allowing plus-ones for those who are married or engaged. Did you know cutting just 10-20 people can save you $1,000?

Go paperless
Wedding invitation suites can cost up to $1,000. Slash the cost by creating a simple website that tells everyone the details of the rehearsal dinner, brunch, welcome party, transportation, location, and hotel information.

Don’t hire a photographer for the entire day
Consider hiring a photographer just for the actual wedding rather than have them stick around for all the pre-wedding festivities. This can save you tons of money, as the photographer will have fewer photos to alter and process.