Wedding Attire Guide For Men & Getting In Shape For The Big Day

It’s wedding season, and while there may be a lot of articles on how women should dress, we at Piazza in the Village decided to write one for the men. Check out these tips and tricks to stand out at your next wedding and how to get in shape to feel great.

Black-Tie Wedding Attire
Many weddings request a black-tie dress code, which means you must wear a tuxedo jacket with tuxedo pants with a bowtie. If you’re someone who likes to stand out, try to keep it under control as it’s considered rude to upstage the groom and bride. Dark colors such as black, charcoal, or midnight black are safe bets. The accessories that accompany them are also typically on the solid-dark color side of things. If you absolutely must add some pop to your outfit, try to show off your style through your dress shirt, bow tie, and shoe selections. Wear a collared dress shirt with a black or midnight blue tuxedo paired with black patent leather, velvet oxford, or loafer shoes.

Semi-Formal Wedding Attire

For weddings with semi-formal, cocktail attire, you can loosen up a bit and slip into something more modern and stylish. Suits are the most popular and acceptable form of attire. You can wear blazers and a sports coat over a collared shirt with a necktie. Feel free to wear jewelry, lapels, pocket squares to show off your style. Tan and light gray suits are perfect for those summer/spring beach destination weddings as they give off a relaxed look. Suits in lighter tones can also help the groom stand out on his big day. Dark suits in colors like charcoal and navy are perfect if you’re looking for a casual, formal look that isn’t tuxedo fancy. With these suits, you have more room for customizability on details like shoes and shirt color. You can still wear a bold color, with monochromatic styling and blend in enough that you don’t steal the thunder from the bride and groom.

Casual Wedding Guest Attire

This may be the most confusing of all wedding attire requirements. We suggest you consider what kind of people are hosting the wedding, who may show up, and take cues from the location of the venue. We recommend you wear chinos or khakis with loafers or dress shoes, or you can wear the stylish tucked-in polo. What you should avoid is wearing a t-shirt, open-toed shoes, clothes that have been ripped, or a bowtie.

It’s not just women who are worried about looking and feeling their best during the wedding season. Men want to look and feel good too. Ideally, it’s best to start one year before the wedding, but the truth is people live busy lives. Check out these tips on how to get in shape for the big day.

Tips For Men On Getting In Shape For the Wedding

Get Serious About Your Diet

You need to be disciplined with your diet and really consider what you’re eating. Intermittent fasting has been popular in recent years for its ability to promote weight loss and help improve your metabolic health. Fasting can even help promote the production of testosterone. According to TodaysU, testosterone plays a crucial role in helping you build lean muscle mass and losing weight. Many men produce testosterone slowly, fortunately, there are many natural supplements with zinc, magnesium, and other testosterone boosting ingredients that can help you take your workouts to the peak. The bottom line is training, nutrition, rest, testosterone, and protein will all help you get lean muscle mass and lose weight.

Get Serious About Your Workouts

If you’re looking at a year until the big day, we suggest you pace yourself. You don’t want to injure yourself or start training so hard that you end up giving up half-way through. If you’re looking at a month until the wedding, we suggest you try HIIT (high-intensity interval training). HIIT workouts involve you using a quick burst of energy with very short resting periods. They have been clinically proven to help you lose weight because your body will continue burning energy after your workout. Try these workouts for 20 minutes total, 30 seconds each with a minute in between to rest before continuing again.

Take Inventory of All Your Bad Habits

The best way to really clean up your health is thoroughly recognizing bad patterns and habits that hold you back from getting in shape. It could be either smoking, alcohol, staying up late, or even juices. Did you know juice counts for 44% of added sugar in the American diet? Staying up late and weight gain are strongly correlated, and we all know the detrimental effects of smoking and drinking. The best way to eliminate your vices? Start small. According to leading therapist Dr. John Yun, “If you take away one vice at a time, every 30 days, your chances of success are higher than trying to eliminate every bad habit in one go.”